Carl Cheffers

Carl Cheffers' officiating career began in 1980 with the Long Beach Unit of the CFOA. During his tenure there he served on the Board, instructed and eventually became a crew chief with both Federation and College assignments. In 1995, he was fortunate to follow in his father’s footsteps and was appointed to the officiating staff of the Pac-10 where he worked for five seasons. Carl Cheffers also worked several WAC games during the 1999 season. He had the opportunity to work NFL Europe and eventually completed eight seasons there, three as a deep official and five as a referee. Carl Cheffers was added to the NFL roster as a Side Judge in 2000 and just completed his eighth season. He has been fortunate to work nine post season assignments, most recently as an alternate at Super Bowl XLII. Carl moved from Side Judge to Referee in 2008.

Carl Cheffers has been married to his wife Nanette for 23 years. His son Ben is 20 and his daughter Melissa is 17. They live in Southern California where he works for Johnson Controls in the Battery Division where they manufacture car batteries for various retailers.

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